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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. 

I am a bookworm, tea lover, fluent in Gilmore Girls, and hopeful romantic. 


Posed or Lifestyle Portraits- Which Do You Prefer?

I actually provide both of these for my clients, a healthy mix of posed and lifestyle images. I mean, why just pick one when you can do both right? Lifestyle images are images that don’t seem rigid, or stiff. They have an air of movement, or have that feeling of being a fly on the wall for intimate moments.

For my services a good mix of posed & lifestyle images are required, because I am here to help my clients tell their stories. Whether that be an anniversary, having their first baby(or 2nd or 3rd), celebrating other milestones, need photos for a new business, etc. Whatever the case may be.

Lifestyle Prompts

I mostly like to give direction. It’s kind of an in-between. I give my clients a prompt to go off on, like “Kiss War!”, “Drunk Walk!” Something like that to get those big belly laughs you see. husband and wife doing the drunk walk for anniversary lifestyle images a series of images of a husband and wife having a kiss war. she's resisting while he's trying to kiss her

The kiss war is one of my personal favorites. You have one person try to resist the other’s kiss, and it becomes this silly, fun game that gets people laughing so hard!

Something else I love to do is create scenes before I go to a shoot. Then I photograph those scenes as a way to tell a story through images.

Example: For the set of images below, I wanted it to feel somewhat natural. We were at a beautiful coffee shop, and Katie’s husband pulls out his phone to capture this photo of her. I just went with it, and created the first 3 images you see. Then we moved to a less crowded spot, and I just had them have a convo with each other while I moved around. And they all work together to tell a story.

husband taking a photo of his wife sipping a latte for lifestyle images

Posed Portraits

Whenever I do super posed photos it’s always for the parents, grandparents, or because they need some type of announcement shot.  The parents & grandparents love seeing those images of them looking straight ahead at the camera, because more often than not, those are the ones they showcase in their homes or to their friends.

My clients enjoy having these photos to showcase as well.

posed anniversary image of a husband and wife smiling at the camera

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