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Intimate Rainy Winston-Salem Elopement

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Hi! I'm Hope!

It started with a heart on someone’s photo, and then a comment on another one, and the next thing Tracy & Phil knew……they were on a date with each other. Beforehand, they found each other through mutual friends on Facebook.

By the time they had their second date, the couple was inseparable. And after only a few months of dating, they moved in together.

Phil was secretly planning to pop the question at the perfect time. It was 2 days before Christmas eve, and Tracy was in the kitchen cooking.

Phil decided that he didn’t want to wait until Christmas so he popped the question right then & there.

They had both decided they wanted to do something small since this was both their second marriages.

So an elopement it was!!

Intimate Rainy Winston-Salem Elopement

I had just finished photographing the cottagecore birthday party & was making my way over to the location of the elopement, when I noticed an eerie dark cloud looming ahead.

The closer I got to the location, the darker it became, and by the time I arrived a full scale thunderstorm broke out.

Intense heavy rain had set in mixed with lighting strikes & fierce booms of thunder.

Thankfully, it only lasted 15 minutes, and by the time Tracy & Phil were ready to be married the sun was shining once again.

Tracy, Phil, I hope your marriage is a joyful one! Praying for a bright future for the both of you.


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