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Cottagecore Birthday at The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge

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When Norah & her mom arrived at The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge, Norah already knew they were going to have photos taken at her 16th birthday. So she made sure her & her friends all coordinated with their color schemes.

But what she didn’t know, was that her mom, Tina, had a contacted the Winston Salem Picnic Ladies. Together they came up with the most romantic, cottagecore birthday picnic, lined with soft colored pillows.

Norah & her friends were all laughing when she pushed open those heavy wooden doors to the chapel. Suddenly her face went from smiling to pure shock, & joy as she laid eyes on the picnic spread.

Her friends that trailed behind her were as equally shocked, and delighted.

But the thing that really set it over the top was the surprise birthday cake her mom Tina had made for her. Norah at first was pleasantly surprised until she noticed the pattern on the cake matched the pattern that was on her dress. (See her reaction down below) Her reaction was priceless.

After that the drinks were poured, the cake was cut, the girls through off their shoes, and sang along to the music that played in the background.

Inside jokes, laughter, and core memories were made that day.

Norah, I pray that you had the best 16th birthday! This time in your life is a very special time. You only get to be this young once, so live it up, and soak it all in.

The Amazing Vendors Who Made This All Possible:

Picnic Setup: Winston Salem Picnic Ladies

Venue: The Little Chapel NC

Cake: Lily Cakes NC

Cottage Core Birthday Images

The 18th century inspired stone church at The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge venue Pastel green & white cake with pastel green fondant flowers, and early 19th century print of a romantic scene on the cake. This cake was made by Lily Cakes NC Cottagecore Birthday Inspiration. A black & white image of 4 girls in vintage style dresses walking hand in hand, laughing as the wind gently blows their hair Cottagecore Birthday Inspiration. A photo of the birthday girl, Norah, soaking up the sun inside of The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge Cottagecore Picnic Spread by The Winston Salem Picnic Ladies. Image of the Winston Salem Picnic Ladies chalkboard sign & wicker basket filled with blankets.


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