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Audrey & Noah | Hanging Rock State Park Engagement Session

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Hi! I'm Hope!

They had known each other since third grade, but they didn’t start dating until they were seniors in high school.

As they went off the college they chose to keep their relationship. Since the colleges they chose were pretty far from each other, they committed to a long distance relationship.

Audrey was going to become a PA (Physicians Assistant), and Noah was attending for Pharmacy.

After Audrey had gotten her degree, they dated for another year before they got engaged.

Soon after they were engaged Noah found out the location of his pharmacy residency. Winston-Salem, NC

And they’ve been here since.

They decided to have their wedding back in their home state, Indiana. Since that’s where a majority of their friends & family are located.

Although I am sad I won’t be their wedding photographer for their big day, I’m still so happy I got to be some part of their love story.

Hanging Rock State Park Engagement Session

Audrey & Noah fell in love with the mountains of NC, and they wanted a location that reflected that love.

Since they love hiking too, Hanging Rock felt like the perfect place to do their images.

Funny little side story, we had an audience while we took photos. A family that had come fully prepared with 2 full pizzas, wings, dip, & more stood atop the deck as we took photos at the waterfall. They had dinner & a show. 


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