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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding photographer based in North Carolina & I love long romantic walks to the taco truck, & ohhh yeaaahhh...I'm obsessed with sweet tea. 


Why You Should Consider A First Look

I absoutely love when my couples choose to do a first look! For those that don’t know, a first look is when the bride & groom choose to see each other before the ceremony. So why should you consider a first look?

1. You can finish all bride & groom, & bridal part photos before the ceremony.
After the ceremony it’s go time for family formals! If you have a cocktail hour, those typically will last only for 1 hour before the bridal party enter the reception. Which is enough time to photograph family formals, however, if you opt out of a first look, it also pushes doing all bridal party images & bride & groom images at the same time as formals. That would add an extra hour after the ceremony, which then pushes back everything at you reception.

2. It extends your day by 2-3 hours. Instead of trying to cram everything in after the ceremony, adding a first look gives you extra relaxed time. This way you don’t have to stress that we had to cut out photos, or we didn’t get enough photos. And when you’re relaxed, your bridal party is relaxed, which gives you those joyful images you love. And if your venue allows for it, we can move around to more than 1 location which gives you……………

3. More images in your wedding day gallery! Couples that choose to do a first look typically receive 30% more images in their final galleries. We can go to a couple locations on the property, or if the venue is really small, a location near the property. It gives you so much more variety!

4. It diminshes nerves. Usually before the ceremony begins nerves run high, and you’re seeing each other for              the first time that day in front of everyone. Having this time with each other feels like a weight lifted, & you get to react & talk to each other privately. And as a bonus you just get excited seeing each other at the ceremony & probably will remember it better without all the nerves. 🙂

I really hope this helped you decide on whats best for you & your wedding day. I ultimately want my couples to choose what’s best for them & the vision they carry for their day.

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