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Kure & Wilmington NC Vacation Recap

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Hi! I'm Hope!

My family & I took off last week, and headed towards the coast! The Kure & Wilmington area that is, and I cannot believe how quickly it all flew by. As I’m typing this, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, sipping an ice cold Pepsi, trying to wrap my mind around work again.

It’s always such a strange sensation coming back from vacation. It takes my mind quite a while to come back from the peaceful slumber of pure relaxation.

Well………enough about that, let’s dive into a fond recap.

Kure Beach, Southport, and Wilmington, NC

It’s been roughly 3 years since I have taken a vacation with my mom, dad, and my brother. So at the beginning of this year, we made a plan to head off to the coast.

Little did we know my grandma would pass 2 weeks before we took off.

The trip was a perfect getaway from all the sadness.

And I spent at least 1 full day at the beach.

Growing up, my mom was the type of mom who would have us out from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm when we were on vacation.

She loved the beach but she was never one for laying out on the beach all day.

But now that’s all I want to do. (I feel like that’s me making little Hope happy) When I’m on vacation, I just want to lounge around, and not be in any hurry. So I spent a whole day out on the sands, reading, wading the ocean, and napping.

No work allowed on this trip! Well………I did hop on a coaching call, and because my mind was so relaxed I had all kinds of questions for my business coach to answer. It ended up being a great call, and I walked away with a lot of clarity.

Enjoy some of these images from our trip! There’s a mix of DSLR & iPhone photos……I’ve been working on my mobile presets, and so happy with how they turned out!


This photos reminds me of Taylor Swift’s, “This Love” lyric video & The Summer I Turned Pretty series.

Our captain & tour guide for our river boat cruise in Wilmington. Also, I never realized this is where they shot the fight scene in Iron Man 3.

(Left to right: My brother,mom & dad) I love the way the beach looks when a storm is coming.

Iphone Images

Of course there will always be a quality difference when it comes to an iPhone & DSLR, but I wanted to show you can still capture some amazing things with your phone!  I used my custom preset that I have for my DSLR images on Lightroom Mobile. (And it took me less than a minute to edit.)

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