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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. 

I am a bookworm, tea lover, fluent in Gilmore Girls, and hopeful romantic. 


What If It Rains? Portrit Session Edition

Rainy days aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but these days I embrace the rain instead of running from it as a photographer. If you saw my last post, I talked about what to do if it rains on your wedding day. While the circumstances aren’t as dire with a portrait session, & these are easier to reschedule, I still want you feeling 100% confident. I want you to know you can still have an amazing experience & amazing images.

Rain Plan/Rescheduling

I let my clients know that if rain chances reach 60% we will reschedule the shoot. Why 60%?? For one, once it goes past a 50% chance, it almost always will for sure rain. But there are some instances where it has reached 60%, & then just all of a sudden cleared off the day of. I’ve even had bright sunny days, turn into dark stormy ones without warning too.

Weather is just too unpredictable, & the higher the chance of rain, the more likely we need to reschedule.

Indoor Venue Spaces

If you don’t want to worry about weather at all, there are some beautiful indoor spaces we can rent out:

The Ginger Birdie: Located in downtown Winston-Salem. They have two locations, one on West End, & one right in the downtown area. Both locations offer different looks, so you can choose according to what your style is. At the time of me writing this blog post, the West End location is under going some changes & may look different than what you see in the photo below.

Pine Top Greenhouse: Located in Greensboro. This one I definitely want to shoot at, because it’s a green house full of plants!!! Perfect for intimate sessions!

Using Your Own Home: Want to give your session a cozy, lifestyle home session vibe? What better way than using your own home, & decor to that with.

Local AirBnB’s: Sometimes I even work with local AirBnB’s to give you a lifestyle home session look that you will cherish.

man & woman walking down the cobblestone streets of Old Salem with him in front leading her

How To Have Beautiful Rainy Day Images

What happens if it is a clear, or overcast day, with no forecast of rain in sight, & it comes a down pour the day of? What do you do then? I’ll tell you what we’ll do, we will make the most beautiful, rainy day images!

Clear Dome Umbrellas: I always have my clear dome umbrellas with me. They add just another layer of personality, & character to your images.

Find Cover: Even if we are just nestled underneath a big tree. Trees can provide some of the best cover on a rainy day session.

Embrace It: I love how laid back & trusting of me my couples are. 99% of them really don’t mind it raining on them during their session, they are just excited to be there & create memories with their loved one.

Need more inspiration for your own romantic, rainy/foggy day portrait session? I’ve put together a Pinterest board to inspire you.

I hope this little series on what do if it rains has helped ease your mind a bit. The weather won’t stop for us just because we want to have a session. 🙂 But we can be better prepared.

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