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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. 

I am a bookworm, tea lover, fluent in Gilmore Girls, and hopeful romantic. 


Charleston, SC Vacation

Our Charleston, South Carolina trip was a much needed vacay! Of course Murphy tried to intervene & the trip almost didn’t happen(Murphy being Murphy’s law, “Anything that can happen, will happen.”).

We were suppose to arrive at our AirBnB in Folley Beach on Sunday (June 26th), but due to sickness & a broken off wisdom tooth we delayed it the following Monday (June 27th). Before heading out of town, we made a quick stop to the dentist to get my friend’s wisdom tooth assessed. Part of her gum was exposed so we didn’t want to risk her getting any kind of infection. (esp. since she is having tonsil surgery on July 11th). With antibiotics in tow, we made our way down.

Finally made it our cute little AirBnB late Monday afternoon called, “Tucker’s Place”.  It was 4 miles exactly from the downtown Charleston area, & from the Folley Beach area. Perfect distance from both!

We explored as many things as we could during our short trip such as: The Historic Charleston Market, the downtown Charleston boutiques & bookstores, the island of Folly, The Angel Oak Tree, local dining establishments, etc.

I’m still pretty terrible at capturing memories for myself, but I did make an effort on this trip to just have fun with photography. You would think as a photographer I would be much better at capturing my own memories.

It’s sometimes hard for me to separate work from business when I take my camera with me, but I have been working on that mindset a lot.

I hope you enjoy this mix of photos from my DSLR & my iPhone!

The rain was quicky approaching at Folly Beach. There’s just something so beautiful about the light fluffy clouds slowly fading into dark storm clouds.
This is the only photo I managed to capture of downtown Charleston. It rained off & on pretty heavily that day, & we were just coming out of the crowded Historic Market.
No that’s not fog, that’s humidity. My camera finally stopped fogging up long enough for me to capture the images below at Angel Oak Tree Park. It was a beautiful day, but very hot & humid. My poor camera was struggling. This Spanish moss grows everywhere in Charleston, and I love it!!
We went back to Folly Beach later & had a little photo shoot of our own. 🙂

Now this is where the iPhone photos begin.

This is how you know you’re in Charleston, when you see that bridge. The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

The image on the right is what I do to get my own candid laughing shots. I just make a bunch of silly faces.

This She Crab soup from The Crab Shacks was amazing!!! We loved it so much, we went back for round 2 before we left.


Such a night & day difference with the weather. The photo on the left was right before the rain storm hit, & the image on the right is the after.

All in all this was such a fun, short, much needed vacation. Definitely can’t wait to visit again! 🙂

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