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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding photographer based in North Carolina & I love long romantic walks to the taco truck, & ohhh yeaaahhh...I'm obsessed with sweet tea. 


Best of Hope Ann Behind the Scenes 2019

I’ve done, Best of Portraits, and Best of Weddings if you would like to check those out. But, I am so excited about this last post in this series.

People always want to know what’s it like to run your own business, or what really happens behind the scenes of sessions, & weddings. So during the year, I try to capture behind the scenes moments for you to see, and for me to look back on.

This was in the very beginning of 2019, and my second shooter Olivia & I were photographing the “Daddy Daughter Date Night with Chick-fil-a of Mt. Airy” I always love working with her.

This was such a sweet summer session with these two newlyweds.

Also, I am so short that when I’m trying to show the couples what I need them to do, I just end up looking like I’m trying to choke someone. Hence all the laughter here. We have a lot of fun on these sessions. 🙂

This group shot was from my Richmond, VA trip. Sometimes it’s hard when a group of photographers get to together, because there is typically no one to take a photo of all of us.

So Sara sat her camera somewhere, we put on a self timer, and ran into position.

There was a huge storm brewing behind us for this mini-session. I also almost backed into the electric fence, which was on & buzzing. Thank goodness for Olivia being there with me!

Not exactly sure what I am looking at here, but apparently is was interesting. It was also raining, and freezing cold! But our model Sara was such a trooper!

For those that have never worked with me, this is Sammy. Sammy the stool. Sammy tried to kill me. I’m not sure that I am cool with Sammy anymore.

Carlie was doing some touch-ups on Sara’s hair & make-up. I could not have done anything without her, Sara, and Morgan. Such an awesome team helping with this shoot!







I found this sweet selfie on my phone of these two. 🙂

Anything to get those shots right?

Even standing out in the pouring rain. Don’t worry. My baby(my camera), survived! I live life on the edge. Clearly.

Fun Fact: I went home that day, took a long, fire bath(aka super duper hot. no cold water added in), and still could not warm up. Worth it though? Ummm heck yeah!!!

Another fun fact, I shot this wedding not even 24 hours after having a temporary stomach bug. Almost passed out during portrait time, but Olivia was my saving grace!

And my bride, Madison was so wonderful. She even bought me “fake wine” How sweet is she??

I have loved watching Olivia bloom since interning with me a year or so ago. She’s a fantastic, and sweet person, and an amazing photographer herself.



I put this one in black and white because I only had mascara on, and I had been up for quite a while. My mom & I had just finished black Friday shopping, I came straight to Pilot Mtn. , waited 20 min. to grab a parking spot, and waited for a surprise proposal.

I was super excited because this was my first surprise proposal, and I was trying to look like a tourist or hiker just taking a selfie, and lots of photo of the mountain.

So I met this sweet baby the day of the big shoot-out with Southern Bride! And yes, pitbulls are super vicious. Can’t you tell?

Her owner is the awesome Colby Bowes of Bowes Barber Company in Kernersville.

I love making photog friends! I got to see Alishia & Josh again at the shoot out! 🙂

Like I said, we will do anything to get the shot. 🙂


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