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Your Favorite Vendor Could Disappear

Choosing the location of your wedding is a fun and exciting time during your planning journey! However, while it is exciting to visit different locations and scout out the ones that best fit you and your partner, it’s also important to be prepared that the vendor you choose could disappear. 

In February 2020, Noah’s Event Venue (a popular vendor that had 42 venues in 25 states) abruptly closed after filing for bankruptcy protection in May 2019. As you can imagine, this left couples scrambling to find alternative venues within a very short amount of time.

Noah’s Event Venue serviced 10,000 events in the last 13 years; however, this did not stop them from having to file bankruptcy, due to their rapid growth and lack of proper operation planning. While couples can go through the proper steps to file an administrative claim for a refund, this is a timely process and you may not receive a full refund within the time of your wedding planning process.

So what can you do if your favorite vendor abruptly closes?

1. Prior to booking your vendor, research thoroughly. 

After identifying venues you’re interested in using for your wedding, identify the expense, what’s included, and research the venue’s background. Have they had financial problems in the past? Is there any risk involved? If you pay $5,000+ to use the venue, what happens in the abruptly close? Do you have any extra money for a vendor or an alternative venue available? 

2. Try not to stress out.

It is certainly overwhelming if your planned vendor abruptly closes. However, remember what your wedding day is about. It is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. The venue is ONLY a venue. Just because the venue changes or the vendor closes, does not mean your wedding is ruined. 

3. Know your options. 

Many brides were out $10,000+ with the closing of Noah’s Event, which resulted in some choosing to go to the local courthouse to get married. However, this is NOT your only option. Think local – maybe you were traveling miles to your vendor of choice, but maybe there is a local option available for you. Especially, if you live in a small town! Some of my favorite local NC venues are The Barn at Heritage Farms, Graylyn Estate, Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, and Moore Springs Manor

Remember, things might not go exactly as you have planned on your wedding day. But it’s important to keep in mind that this day is a celebration of love between you and your partner. It may not be the day you expected, but it is still YOUR day!