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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. 

I am a bookworm, tea lover, fluent in Gilmore Girls, and hopeful romantic. 


What Should I Bring To A Portrait Session

The question I get asked frequently is, “What should I wear, or what should I bring with me to my portrait shoot?” Since I’ve already answered this question, “What Should I Wear?” Today I’ll be diving into, “What Should I Bring with Me?”

Whenever I’m working with a portrait session client I send out a questionnaire full of questions that help us decide this. I ask them questions such as, “What type of shoot will this be?”, “What do you want to remember most about this season of life?”, “Do you want to include a family heirloom, an important photograph, an important item from a departed friend, etc..” etc. etc.

All of these questions are set up & designed to help me know what types of items to suggest bringing, to know what they want to bring, or if they should bring anything at all.

Below you’ll see different types of portrait sessions & what each person brought, to add to their images & to help tell their story in a way that made sense for them.

In-Home Session

My most recent in-home session, Julia & Luke, included items such as their favorite coffee mugs, & their wall of portraits.

Having coffee is a part of their daily routine, so for their in-home session it made sense to include this. And their wall of portraits is something that Julia is really proud of, and it’s something that a special part of the home for them both. 


This maternity session I did for Brianna & Bradley was the cutest! Not only did they include items such as a sonogram, and a baby onesie, but also a Chick-fil-a Cow. Her dad is the owner of a Chick-Fil-a in Florida, so it made sense to include the cow in these photos. But seriously how cute is that onesie????


Sometimes, depending on what is happening in their season of life, & the location choice of the session we don’t need to bring anything. The location itself provides everything we need, plus the direction & posing that I give. Abby & Trey had their 1st anniversary photos done at their family farm. The same place where they got married & had their engagement images.

And here is another example where we had an at home session on their property just like the above images, except here, Sarah & Caleb, wanted to include their beautiful little horse.

Branding Session

I did a branding session for Molly a couple years ago for her VA (virtual assistant) business. I would send over a full questionnaire getting to know her and her brand more, & what goals she has for her business. Then we would brainstorm together what types of images she would need according to that questionnaire.

It just needs to make sense for what type of portrait session you are having, and they why you want to bring it.

I really hope this blog post helps you make the most out of your next portrait session!

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