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Single on Valentines Day?

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Hi! I'm Hope!

I’m as single as a pringle, and you know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve learned over the years how to love & live my life as a single woman.

Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be with someone on Valentines Day, or any holiday for that matter. But I really want to take this time to teach my other single ladies how to really enjoy this life.

If you can’t enjoy life where you are right now, you’ll never be able to fully enjoy it when you have someone either.

I’ve gathered up some of my best tips & advice for making the most out of Valentine’s Day as a single. (Feel free to carry this with you through the year, not just on Valentine’s Day)

Have a Galen-tines Day

This is something that has become super popular over the last few years, but I think is a wonderful idea. Invite your closest ladies out to have a brunch, or dinner. Invite them over to have a potluck, or a game night. Whatever you choose to do just make it fun & inviting. You won’t be spending the evening alone, & you’ll have some great memories for years to come.

Date Yourself

Okay……I know how weird that sounds, but hear me out. Take yourself out on a date. Go to your favorite restaurant, & order your favorite meal & drink. Treat yourself to a movie, or (my personal fave) come home & take a nice, long, hot bath.  And wind down with a good book, or a devotional. The point is, to just love on yourself. Love the woman God has made you to be. You don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to take you out. You have the opportunity to take yourself out & enjoy a nice evening.

Join or Lead a Bible Study

Maybe your church doesn’t offer a bible study for singles. You know what? That’s okay, look up a church that is doing a singles Bible study. If nobody around you is doing one, then start one! If it’s something you are desiring, then there are probably others who are desiring it as well. Just decide what the study will be about, & put out the invite.

Take A Day Trip

You can either choose to do a solo day trip (which I highly recommend if you need some time for reflection & rest), or choose to take one with a friend. Below are some photos of my girl Trinity & I exploring Boone. Boone is only an hour and a half away, but it makes for a great day trip. Since we drive through the town of N. Wilkesboro to get there, you can always rest, shop, & fuel up on the way back. (All iPhone photos down below)

I hope you found some of these tips helpful, & that they help you have a more fulfilled Valentine’s Day.

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