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I've been studying the art of photography since 2006, and I've been in business since 2014. Over the years I have learned a lot in photography & business. Now, I want to give all my knowledge away! 

There's no such thing as secrets here, only a community over competition mindset! Have fun exploring all of the resources I have available for you! 

**Some of these links are affiliate links which means I do get financial kickback when you decide to purchase something, but at not additional cost to you. 

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Start your photography journey off on the right foot today!  

The Beginners Guide to Photography

Each week find resources on photography, business, and my most recent shoots!

The Blog

Tools + Programs

MUst Haves


My client management software I would be lost without! 

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My favorite cloud software to host my client galleries on!

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BlogStomp/Story Tailor

My favorite tool for batch sizing & uploading web sized images to my blog.

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I've been using this drag-n-drop website builder since the beginning!  Easy to use, easy to customize!

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How I create monthly content for my newsletter subscribers! 

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This is how I schedule out mini-sessions, consultations, and more!

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For when you want to have a personal connection with clients without disclosing your number.

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Renders large RAW files quickly, and color code to keep the best images. Easy import to LR room. 

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Contracts + Business Resources

I swear I cannot survive without this handy planning tool. 

Plan everything in your business, life, & everything in between, all in one platform. 


The only designer I trust to make my website feel like a cozy home. 

rebrand your business & website with a custom rebrand or shop Ida's Showit Website Templates!

Hygge Design Co. 

Rachel Benke is a lawyer & Photographer. 

She has hundreds of contracts + legal info on her website.

keep your business secure! 


Since I'm obsessed with books, it seems only fitting that it should have a space here. 

Add these to your TBR!

Business books to read

Mobile Apps For

Mobile Apps For

Ever blank out on some amazing prompts or posing ideas right in the middle of a shoot? Then Unscripted has you covered! Choose from hundreds of ideas, & prompts so that you never have to guess again!

Want to keep your editing consistent even when editing your mobile images? You need Lightroom Mobile! Available for iPhone & Android users. 

Need a better way to tell your stories Try the Unfold Reels & Stories Editor! Make reels, a link in bio site, and more!

Just another app for making high quality reels & TikToks! Easy to use templates, and more! 

This is what I use for music in my YouTube videos, Reels, Stories, and TikToks.

Save yourself a headache during tax season & get this app. It will help you keep track of all your miles driven in one easy place! 

Ready to level up?





I'm someone who learns best in a 1-1 environment, and that's why I created these mentorship sessions. 

I have 2 collections for in-person mentoring, and 1 online selection. Each mentorship session will be customized depending on your level & needs in photography + business. 




This business collective has been a game changer for my business, and it will be for yours too! 

Inside the collective you'll get monthly trainings on various topics, group coaching calls, guest experts for each month's topic, workbooks, and a supportive community of like-minded women! 

Empowered for Profit Collective



Go For It Creative is ran by my business coach who also runs the Empowered for Profit Collective. Taryn Jarez. 

If you need a straight shooter business BFF, she's your gal! No fluff, just real, honest, practical advice to keep you moving forward!

Go for it creative 


Ohhhh yes I need this!

Camera Gear & Accessories

My favorite

Camera Bodies & Lenses

Misc. Tools


Nikon D810
Nikon Z 7 II 
Nikkor 50mm 1.2
Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8

External Hard Drive
Macro Filters
Flash Bender
Video Light
Rechargeable Batteries
Card Reader

My Personal Favorites

Notion - I love this planning platform so much! It's so easy & customizable for every aspect of your life! 

Journals - Having a journal nearby is great for writing down all of my ideas and to get things off my mind. 

Good Notes - For when I want to access my digital planner, or to make a mood board. 

all the things that keep me on track. 

Life Tools

If you have been to my Instagram you know that I am an avid book dragon (I saw this term one day, and decided I'd rather be a book dragon instead of a bookworm). 

StoryGraph - This is the app I use in place of GoodReads. I keep my TBR here, and track my reading habits & goals. 
LikeWise - This is a great app for discovering not only books,but also movies, tv shows, podcasts, and more! 

i've lived a hundred lives & traveled the realms. 

Books & Such!

L'Avenue Boutique (Winston-Salem & Online)
Simple Retro (Online)
Etsy (For unique, and vintage pieces)
Cottagecore Things (Online)
Mayberry Consignments & Souvenirs (Mt. Airy There is a little hidden boutique gem in the back of this store. Such beautiful clothing!) 
Fancy Gap Outfitters (Mt. Airy)

"fashion changes, but style endures." -- coco chanel

Favorite Boutiques

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