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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. 

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What If It Rains? Wedding Edition

For some this is a worst case scenario: a full on rainy day for their wedding. I do understand that you have a unique vision for your day, & rain just wasn’t apart of it. But could you embrace it on your wedding day? Can I teach you how to not let a rainy day ruin your wedding? Let’s start with this……

Building in a Rain Plan

Are you choosing a venue that has a location you can use in case of a rainy day? If you want your wedding outdoors, I would make sure you at least have a tent on stand-by, or opt to use a tent for the day just in case.

Weather is unpredictable, so it’s best to go ahead & have everything mapped out.

If you have a day of coordinator they will help you take care of this type of situation.

How to Be Confident Even When It Pours

I get it. I really do. You have planned this day for so long, and dreamt about your beautiful, sunset glowy images with your husband. But now it’s the day of, & it’s pouring!

While this isn’t the ideal situation, I still want you to show up confident on your wedding day.

First I hope that all through the blog post you feel encouraged by seeing all the beautiful images I’ve been able to create even with the rain, & secondly I put together this Pinterest board full of rainy day wedding inspo.

I want you walking with your head tall, confident in not only the photographer you’ve chosen for your day, but knowing that you can have really beautiful rainy wedding images.

Ask your photographer how they would handle a day like this: This is a question I feel like doesn’t get asked enough when you are choosing your wedding photographer. But ask them how would they handle a situation like this. Personall, I add a gallery of images in the investment guide showing you how I handle situations like this one. I feel it’s always important to be prepared.

Look at the weather on the day of: I know you’re a planner like I am, so you want to know what you can expect on your wedding day.

Have extra items on hand: Have umbrellas at the ready, bring your rain coat, have disposable ponchos, or bring along an extra pair of shoes. Just having items like these at your disposal will help you feel prepared & confident for whatever comes.

newly wed couple standing underneath the porch while it pours rain in the background

Embrace the Rain. Don’t Fear It.

Along with being confident, let me put your mind at ease. This is a day that you & your husband are going to become united. You’re making a life long commitment with & to your best friend. You’ll have to weather all kinds of storms during your the course of your marriage, so a little rain on your wedding day??? Well, that’s just another challenge to overcome.

As I’ve said earlier, I do understand being upset that this isn’t going to fit the vision on your wedding day look & feel, BUT, it can be so beautiful.

I want you to imagine standing with your best friend in the entire world, exchanging your promises, while the pattering of rain tip-toes gently across the rooftop. A world that becomes a blur of grey & silver forms behind them, as the rain begins to swoosh a little more rapidly.

Can you see that image? Can you see & hear the rain falling down?

I want you to keep this image in mind as you plan. Because when your wedding day comes & it starts raining, you’ll be able to embrace the rain, & not fear it.

bride with her bridesmaids standing underneath the oak tree as it rains

How I Plan For Rain As A Wedding Photographer

Over the years I have started gathering a lot of tools, tips, & tricks that help me photograph weddings in the rain with full confidence.

Clear Dome Umbrellas: These have been a life saver for my brides & grooms on their wedding day. Plus, the clear umbrellas look amazing when photographed & give me a lot more wiggle room to get creative.

Dark Sky App: This app is much more reliable than my iPhone AccuWeather app. It gives me an hour by hour update, LIVE dopplar radar feed, weekly forecast, alerts, & more. I still use my AccuWeather, but not as much as I do my Dark Sky app. The one I’m showing here is specifically for iOS devices. The one you’ll want to download on your Android device is this one Dark Sky Data by Local Weather. This app has saved me many times on wedding days.

Location Scout: I always check out the venues ahead of time so I can scout covered locations. I want your day to be as relaxed as possible, & in order to do that, I have to have a plan. Of course I run all my plans by my brides so you can rest assured that we will work together in order to achieve amazing photos.

I really hope that this post aides you in planning your wedding, & what to do if it does rain on your big day.

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