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Power of Community

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Destination wedding & portrait photographer fascinated by stories & people. This blog is the home for some of my favorite things — from weddings, engagement sessions, branding & more personal things. 

Grab your favorite cup of hot tea(or coffee), and stay a while. 

Hi! I'm Hope!

I feel that community is so powerful when it comes to business, and it’s equally important to build community in your personal life to. Just having people who will build you up when you are down, cheer you on when you do well, and are just there for you, is such an amazing feeling.

Being apart of the Rising Tide Society has really shifted my thinking, and how I handle relationships when it comes to my business. Their motto is, “Community Over Competition”. It’s such a simple statement, but a profound one.When you chose to share images with a vendor you worked with, shoot them an e-mail to ask if there is anything they need, or simply want to meet with them for coffee to talk, that is creating community. The more you choose to create community with those around you, the more you’ll find that your own business will start thriving.

Power of Community

Instead of asking what can others do for me, start asking others, “How may I serve you?” Businesses with a servant’s heart will always thrive.

How are you going to start creating community? If you have any tips that may help someone leave them in the comments below. Start today.




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