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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding photographer based in North Carolina & I love long romantic walks to the taco truck, & ohhh yeaaahhh...I'm obsessed with sweet tea. 


My Top 5 Must Haves on Wedding Days

Wedding days are typically 8-10 hour work days with only a 10 minute break before the ceremony and 1 break to quickly eat before the dancing starts at the reception. So naturally I bring my backpack & fill it to the brim!

Let me break down my top 5 must haves for wedding days.

Top 5 Wedding Must Haves Blog Post

1. Sweet Tea & Water

I need the sweet tea to give me a caffeine boost, & I need the water to keep me hydrated as I move from place to place. Weddings are super fast paced, so I need to stay hydrated to keep up.

2. Protein Bars

And with all that running around I quickly burn off my breakfast, so I pack protein bars to keep my strength up! My favorite go to bar is either the RX Bars or ONE bars. If you’re looking for a good protein bar without a lot of sugar then I highly recommend these two!! (Only 1g of sugar in the ONE bars, & the RX Bars only contain natural sugars)

3. Bridal Emergency Kit

This is soooo important! I love to pack a small box containing things like extra bobby pins, safety pins, needle & thread, hair spray, dry shampoo, extra water bottles, etc. Anything can happen on a wedding day, so I always prepare for Murphy. (Murphy’s law, “Anything that can happen, will happen!” Take that Murphy!)

4. Laptop

I provide same day sneak peeks for my clients. Having my laptop readily available to download my second shooters images, as well as my own is so important to how quickly I can deliver.

5. Cell Phone Charger

My second shooter usually assists me with behind the scenes videos, boomerangs, or photos for Instagram. My battery is always dying before reception, so I make sure to pack my charger so we can keep on rollin’!!

Wedding Photographer Photographing Details

My second shooter, Olivia Shay Photograhy, captured this photo of me during a rainy wedding day.


I actually pack a lot more than just these 5 things(Rain gear, back up gear, etc.) , but I may save those for another day. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this sneak peek into what it’s like being a wedding photographer.