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Mount Airy North Carolina Bookish Photo Shoot

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Hi! I'm Hope!

What happens when two people who love books get together? They turn it into a bookish photo shoot!

I knew Brittany was a reader just like me. I would often see her post, in her stories, on Instagram about her current reads. Naturally, I asked to see if she’d be interested in this bookish photo shoot I was creating. She responded with, “I would love to do it!!”

My plan was to really capture the essence of a reader, & capture a day in the life of a reader.

There’s just something different, magical, & wonderful about being a bookworm.

When you watch movies, or shows only 2 of your senses are ignited: Sight & Hearing. That world, & the characters have already been created, and are now in front of you. It doesn’t really leave much to the imagination.

BUT when you read all your senses are ignited. If you’re like me, you put yourself in the shoes of the main character so you see what they see, hear, taste, feel, & smell. Your imagination is on overdrive picturing these vivid worlds the authors create.

So, I set the story, & “followed” Brittany around on her day as a reader.

We started out at one of our favorite local bookstores, Pages Books-N-Coffee. We got the coffee, looked around at all the books, talked about our favorites, etc. We were having so much fun talking about all things books that I almost forgot to keep on directing, & shooting.

As we left the bookstore we had to stop at these beautiful cherry blossom trees located behind the main street of Mt. Airy. They provided some beautiful shade, and whimsy that was just perfect for this portrait shoot.

And of course, I had to use the beautiful, old First Baptist Church. What better place to go to after reading a royal core, or academia based book than an old stone church? There’s just something so beautiful about it.

For our last scene, since the warm weather has begun, we brought out the blanket to make a picnic style spread. I don’t know about you, but I love brining my books to the park on a warm day.

All in all, I really hope this bookish photo shoot inspires you in some way.

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