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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding photographer based in North Carolina & I love long romantic walks to the taco truck, & ohhh yeaaahhh...I'm obsessed with sweet tea. 


Intimate Golden Hour Wedding

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled for you to see this intimate, golden hour wedding for Melody & Chris Chamberlain. Wait until you see the front of their house! It’s beautiful! It reminds me of an old plantation style house right in the middle of Winston-Salem. Since we didn’t do an engagement session like I normally do for all my couples, today you are going to hear their story.

Chris & Melody met like so many couples do, through mutual friends. She started working with Tarpley family as a nanny in 2014. Well, Melody is a bit of a thrill seeker, and loves skydiving. She was getting ready to go on her second trip, and wanted to have someone with her. She tried to get the 3 Tarpley brothers to go with her, but they all declined. One of the brothers mentioned that his best friend would love to go. (That would be Chris)

On May 31st of 2014 they both met each other for the first time. Going skydiving ya’ll! Can you imagine?  They stayed in touch through Facebook, and would occasionally see each other at get-together’s for the Tarpley’s. Litle did they know life was about to take a drastic turn.

The family that Melody loved so much, and had worked for, passed away in a tragic event. Chris & Melody had become such good friends at this point, they had each other to lean on to get through the hard times. When Melody fell into depression Chris immediately suggested that she get out of the house. He introduced her to some of his friends, and after that one thing led to another. And here we are today. Celebrating their marriage!

Melody & Chris, thank you for letting me share in this special day with you. And thank you for sharing your story with me. It seems like just yesterday, Melody, you were out in the fields helping me become a better photographer. I cherish those fun times we had, and now you’re all grown up. (Tissues please!) Chris, take care of her. (And I know you will.)  I look forward to watch you have a family of your own.