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Don’t Give Up

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Destination wedding & portrait photographer fascinated by stories & people. This blog is the home for some of my favorite things — from weddings, engagement sessions, branding & more personal things. 

Grab your favorite cup of hot tea(or coffee), and stay a while. 

Hi! I'm Hope!

If life is currently getting you down, I encourage you to keep your head up, and keep on going. The world we live in right now is very difficult. It seems like it’s harder to make it in our dream careers, money is getting tighter, and tighter, and everything seems all go wrong all at once. I understand, I really do, but you cannot give up.

You are more talented than you know. You are smart, and you will bounce back. Don’t give up.  One day you’ll look back on this hard day, week, month, or year, and smile. You’ll smile, because you had the courage to keep going even when it seemed like there was no reason to keep going.

Smile friend. You will make it out on top, and become stronger than you ever have. Then nothing will be able to stop you.




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