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Hi! I'm Hope Ann! I'm wedding photographer based in North Carolina & I love long romantic walks to the taco truck, & ohhh yeaaahhh...I'm obsessed with sweet tea. 


Charleston, South Carolina Vacation 2013

This year we had the pleasure of returning to Charleston, SC for our family vacation. I wish I could have gotten more photographs, but unfortunately it decided to rain the entire time we were there.


Even Charleston’s visitors center has such charm! lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography I just love the artwork! It transforms me back into a different time period.  lightandhopephotography

We went to the aquarium in downtown Charleston, and we will soon not forget that trip. We took the trolley, as close to the aquarium as we could get, then we had to walk/run the rest of the way. Why? Because it was pouring rain! And this isn’t rain like we have up here in small town, USA. This is like tropical rain, plus Charleston is all low-land. The flooding was horrible, and it ruined my favorite pair of shoes(1st world problems of course) lightandhopephotography This has always been one of my favorite places to visit, The Boone Hall Plantation lightandhopephotography This was as close as I could get to taking photographs of the inside of Boone Hall, because they don’t allow photographs inside.  lightandhopephotography Did you know that when it’s hide tide, you can’t see any of that grass sticking up? Could you imagine all that tropical rain, plus hide tide? I’m just glad it wasn’t raining at this time, and it was low-tide.  lightandhopephotography It was so interesting to learn that this is an original building still left from around 1700/1800’s. Which is why it’s propped up. It’s amazing that this survived Hurricane Hugo back in 1988.  lightandhopephotography The Butterfly Pavilion was so relaxing. Just surrounded by flowers native to South Carolina’s coast land, and butterflies.  lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography Water lilies are just beautiful.  lightandhopephotography I still have yet to learn the name of this unusual plant.  lightandhopephotography Did you know that people still hand weave these baskets, and sell them in the old Charleston marketplace? Some of these baskets can go as high as $900, but they are a piece of history that is irreplaceable.  lightandhopephotography Just look at the tiny little details in this basket. So amazingly made.  lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography lightandhopephotography These are pieces of pottery they have found in the old slave houses on Boone Hall Plantation, and they are still finding artifacts today.

I would recommend anyone to travel to Charleston, SC for your next vacation. Not only will you have a wonderful time with your family on Charleston’s beach fronts, but you will get an education on life back then too. It’s truly an eye opening, and humbling experience.